Deepcut Gems Issue 2.5

Some pop culture (and political!) news you may have missed this week

  • It was reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are seeking a divorce. Rumors swirled online that Kardashian was dating CNN’s own Van Jones, and that West was dating makeup guru Jeffree Star. These rumors were neither confirmed nor outright dispelled by the subjects. 

  • The news that an insurrection took place at the Capitol this week came as a shock to some and as no surprise to many. One of the protestors (domestic terrorists?) was married to the one Miss Britney Spears - for a mere 55 hours. (key here is “was”) 

  • Demi Lovato announced on Twitter (to the dismay of many) that she was working on some political music following the events on Capitol Hill. 

  • Betsy DeVos, former education secretary, has left the building! (Perfect timing!) She resigned this week after The Events at The Capitol ™. 

  • Andrew Yang, who is entering the race for New York City mayor (Jesus), was criticized online for taking up a second residence in Hudson, New York during the pandemic (I can assure you, he is not in lonely company up there. Hudson is the new Hamptons!)  

  • Model and coding advocate Karli Kloss (Kloss-Kushner if we’re being precise) was criticized by outspoken feminist writer Tavi Gevinson on Instagram for not doing enough to encourage her Trump-sycophant family (THEE Kushners) to, well, stop being Trump sycophants. Gevinson said Karli embodied a “Renaissance Barbie” brand. 

  • Harry Styles, singer and sex & sexuality icon is dating actress and director Olivia Wilde. Many online clutched their pearls over their age gap (Harry is 26, Olivia 36)

  • Hilaria Baldwin (yogi, Spaniard cosplayer, and Alec Baldwin’s wife) celebrated her 37th birthday on Wednesday!

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