Deepcut Gems Issue 1

A non-countercultural guide of what to consume this week. 

It turns out the last thing the internet needs is another newsletter waxing philosophic about the profound mundanities of life. I’m just here to recommend cool shit to consume. Do with it what you will. 


Cazzie David’s book “No One Asked for This” is rousing prose for the type addicted to celebrity gossip and those who need to up their SSRI dose. If you were around on Twitter when the PR blitz happened and you have some CD fatigue; that’s certainly understandable. But don’t give up on nepotism just yet. I personally can’t get enough of celebrity children. It started with Suri Cruise. Skip to the part about her breaking up with Pete Davidson, or read (for free) about why she cannot commit to fornication after having eaten too much in this excerpt from The Cut


The funniest person on Tiktok, a site where brains go to die, is a 16 year old self-identified socialist named Ivy. I’ll let the TikToks speak for themselves, but her joke about psychological evaluations being needed for men to purchase guitars sits with me still.


The boss covering the lord. New Jersey takes its chance on New Zealand. 

Now that Jack Antonoff has some time off, hopefully he stops writing songs with Taylor Swift in which they pander to the cottage-core lesbians and bisexuals and gets me some new Lorde music. (No offense to Taylor Swift.)